Are You Making This Killer Mistake in Bed?

Fact: 95% of men make this mistake

Fact: This mistake makes women disinterested in sex

Fact: This mistake causes 50% of women CHEAT

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Troy Valance







“What the heck is the killer MISTAKE 95% of men make in bed… the killer mistake that causes many women to cheat?”

Honestly, though, the truth is that what I’m about to show you on this page is the most important thing you’ll ever discover as a man.

If you want TOTAL success with women – you simply HAVE TO know and master what I’m about to share with you.

So pay attention to what follows.

Because this is the stuff that ‘separates the men from the boys’…

The Greatest Sex Coach on The Planet Shows You How to Make ANY Woman Addicted to You In Bed…

The fact of the matter is that all the online dating you do…

All the phone numbers you get…

All the dates you go on…

It’s all really about 1 thing and 1 thing only:


Think about it…

‘Dating’ is the socially acceptable way for you to get to know a woman and end up in bed with her.

But here’s the thing…

What if you meet a woman and want to make her your long-term girlfriend, or one of several long-term girlfriends?

Well, if she’s a beautiful woman – she has options.

That’s for sure.

She can have ANY man she wants.

Why should she stick with you?

Sure – you took her on a couple of good dates, made her laugh and shared some good conversation. But really, so what?

She can get that off a ton of men.

What she can’t get off a ton of men is this:


Honestly, the simplest, quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way to make a woman your long-term girlfriend is to give her mind-blowing pleasure in the bedroom.

For that reason, I’ve teamed up with my buddy Adam Armstrong – a man many people refer to as ‘The Greatest Sex Coach on the Planet’ to bring you a program called:

Sexual Mastery.

It is, by some margin, the most important and life-changing program you’ll ever get your hands on.

Before I explain why, let’s talk about…

The Huge Mistake 95% of Men Make in Bed
 without Even Realizing It!


Let’s cut straight to the point…

Women LOVE sex.

Just as much as men. If not more so.

It’s true. installments

But there’s a key difference…

You see, where most men are happy ‘just to get some’ – women are only interested in having GREAT SEX.

And this is where the problems start…

Because most men are CLUELESS in bed.

When a man fails to satisfy his woman, her sex-drive declines. Or, she still desires sex, so she looks for it elsewhere.

“YES” – really, women CHEAT just as much as men..

They’re just much better at not getting caught!

So picture the scene…

You become DYNAMITE at online dating.

You have beautiful women contacting you day and night.

You’re collecting phone numbers and going on more dates in a week than most single guys go on in a year.


The women aren’t that bothered to see you again after they’ve slept with you. Many ignore your calls. Others say “Let’s just be friends”

All that hard work and effort for 1 measly shag.

No ‘repeat performance.’

All because you SUCKED in bed.

Now I’m not saying you suck in bed, I’m just showing you what happens to guys all the time.

And, because 95% of men are completely USELESS in bed, chances are you could probably improve, right?

Given that we agree on that point, let me share…

The Real Secret to Giving ANY Woman
 Panty-Soaking Pleasure and Making Her See You As
 “The Best She’s Ever Had”…


Listen up.

Most sex advice is just plain lame.

All it talks about is positions and ways to lick the clit.

Let me tell you something…

CLITORAL ORGASMS are not enough to satisfy any woman in bed.

Honestly, they aren’t.

This is one of the key things my friend Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong teaches. That this endless obsession with the clitoris is what causes men to be crap in bed.

Here’s the simplest way to make ANY woman ADDICTED to you in bed. Even if you’re old, fat and ugly.

Even if you have a tiny teeny penis…



Here it is…

To make ANY woman – even total hotties – completely addicted to you in bed, all you have to do is give them:

Multiple Vaginal Orgasms during Intercourse every time.

Do that and she’ll be addicted to you.

And “YES” – every woman can have vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

And “NO” – you don’t need a ‘10-incher’ to make it happen.

All you need are the proven techniques Adam and I are going to teach you in…

‘Sexual Mastery’

How to Give ANY Woman Multiple Intercourse Orgasms and Make Her 100% Sexually Addicted to You…

Sexual Mastery is the ultimate guide to giving any woman a level of pleasure that quite frankly blows her mind

And causes her to brag to her girlfriends about what a total STUD you are in bed.

The Sexual Mastery eBook and accompanying audio are free from ‘fluff n filler’ and will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to give any woman the very best sex she’s ever had.

A quality of sex that much less than 5% of men are capable of giving a woman.

The great thing is…

The techniques and strategies in Sexual Mastery are:

‘Fool-proof’ – honestly, even a total idiot could use most of them
 Suitable regardless of your ‘size’
Proven to work for any man, whether he has a ton of sexual experience or none

The bottom line is…

Sexual Mastery is the thing that allows you to choose which girls you want to sleep with over and over again.

Think about it…

If you’re naff in bed – she ain’t calling you again.

Harsh, but true.

If you’re average in bed – she’ll likely stick with you a while. But, after a few weeks or months her sex-drive will drop off a cliff – leaving you to watch internet porn. (Better stock up on lube).

Or, worse still…

She’ll CHEAT on you to get better sex.

In contrast…

If you’re a SEXUAL MASTER – the power is all in your hands.

Because you’ll be able to give her a level of pleasure she didn’t even know was possible. And once she’s experienced that – it’ll be pretty much impossible for her to let you go.

She’ll be hot, wet and horny for you ALL THE TIME.


Here’s a More Detailed Look at Just Some of What You’ll Discover in The Sexual Mastery Program:

Give women multiple orgasms during intercourse every time
Perfect the secret art of DIRTY TALK
Become the dominant lover she craves in bed
Get ROCK-HARD erections that last 20, 30 minutes or more
Give her world-class foreplay
The #1 thing you need to know about women and ‘the bedroom’ – less than 5% of men truly understand this… knowing it puts you ahead of all the other guys and lets you give ANY woman a quality of sex that leaves her breathless and eager for more
Why women need dirty talk to fully enjoy the sex and achieve their true orgasmic potential…  and how to talk dirty like a ‘pro’ using my proven 5 point check-list
How to be DOMINANT in the bedroom (Hint: women love sexually dominant guys. Dominance is addictive to women. Shame most don’t know sh*t about being sexually dominant! And most so-called ‘sex experts’ are AFRAID to talk about it)
The shocking truth about why the clitoris is over-rated and the real secret to giving any woman a level of pleasure that causes her to label you as “The Best She’s Ever Had”
How ‘average losers’ bore their women silly in bed – avoid at all costs! (NOTE: when women get bored of the sex, they usually look for better sex elsewhere)
Everything you need to know about the G-Spot and a much much better way to give your woman VAGINAL ORGASMS that’ll completely blow her mind using a ‘cant-fail’ 100% proven technique even a Monkey could master
How to give her the best FOREPLAY ever. Because women LOVE foreplay and most men don’t do it or they do it really badly – this section is worth double the price of the entire program on its own. No joke
Exactly what you need to know about sexual positions if you want to give drop-dead gorgeous girls the best sex they’ve ever had (Hint: it’s not what you think)
How to give any woman multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse. Do this and it’s ‘job done’ – ‘game over’ – she’ll be 100% addicted to you, she’ll be ‘in the mood’ all the time and she’ll do pretty much whatever you like in bed (“YES” - even the really NASTY stuff ;)
Why you don’t need a big dick to give her crazy levels of pleasure
10 ways to keep her INTERESTED and EXCITED to go to bed with you… so she never gets bored of the sex – even if you stay with her 6 months, 2 years or more!
7 simple strategies you can use outside the bedroom, that make any woman want even more sex inside the bedroom (trust me, this’ll all make sense when you take action and put these golden strategies into practice)
How to SUPERSIZE any woman’s SEX-DRIVE by using dirty text messages and emails – get this right and she’ll be dripping wet and begging you for sex hours before you meet her
3 gifts you should buy a woman you’re sleeping with on a regular basis… all 3 gifts will put a huge smile on her face and make her WET between her thighs
The ultimate way to completely ‘seal the deal’ and make a woman head-over-heels addicted to you and gagging for your ‘trouser snake’ day and night (Tip: do this within the first 6 weeks of sleeping with a new woman if you wanna make the relationship more serious)
The best sex toys to use to spice up your sex-life and give a woman an even higher level of pleasure (Warning: these sex toys are almost certainly not what you think. Shocking News: many of the common sex toys men buy for their women actually make the sex WORSE!)
A proven blueprint for rock-hard erections that last all night… if you have trouble ‘getting it up’ or you struggle with PREMATURE EJACULATION – this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Completely essential reading because women love a man who can GET HARD and STAY HARD for at least 20 to 30 minutes every time

And much more...

Is The Sexual Mastery Program Really That Different to
All The Other ‘Sex Advice’ Programs Out There?


Er, yep. It is.

For at least 7 good reasons:

Reason #1: It’s Created By 2 Guys Who’ve Slept with A Lot of Women

The sad reality is that most ‘sex experts’ haven’t got a clue.

75% them (or more) still claim that vaginal orgasms don’t exist. They just don’t know anything about giving women pleasure.

Luckily for you, the Sexual Mastery program has been created by 2 guys (myself and Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong) who don’t just ‘talk the talk.’

We ‘walk the walk.’

We’ve tried-and-tested – and PROVED – our techniques and strategies to be 100% effective on every kind of woman.

Honestly, the techniques in Sexual Mastery have been perfected over a combined 35 years of experience, on countless women.

You can be sure that what we teach you works. Period.

Reason #2: It’s Extremely Offensive

Yeah, you read that correctly.

It’s not a typo.

The Sexual Mastery program is extremely offensive to many people.

People who can’t handle the truth about what women really want in bed.

But, if you’re prepared to go through this program with an open mind, it’ll teach you how to give women a level of pleasure that is completely addictive.

It’s probably the most important skill you can ever learn as a man – making women ADDICTED to you in bed.


Because nothing makes you more CONFIDENT.

And, let’s face it…

Once you know how to SATISFY any woman in bed – any other challenge life throws your way seems like ‘child’s play.’

FACT: Massive success in the bedroom tends to lead to massive success in other areas of your life too.

Reason #3: Women Bloody Love It!

Most ‘sex advice programs’ bore women silly.

Honestly, women just aren’t that interested in hearing about 79 different ways to lick the clitoris. Or 300 fancy sex positions that require her to twist herself like a pretzel.

Not what she wants.

In Sexual Mastery you’ll discover how to MASTER sexual techniques such as dominance, dirty talk and, of course – vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

Trust me – women get all WET and HORNY just reading about those things.

Make them happen for a woman and she’ll be head-over-heels mad about you, forever. Because great sex is that important for a woman.

Reason #4: It’s Not All About The Clitoris

If I read another piece of sex advice about how to stimulate the clit I think I’ll shoot myself! Or maybe I’ll shoot the author.


The real key to giving a woman the kind of body-shaking MULTIPLE orgasms that turn her into a dripping wet mess with soaking panties has nothing to do with how you rub her clit.

Nothing whatsoever.

To give her body-shaking, toe-curling orgasms you have to lead her, stimulate her mind, and give her vaginal orgasms.

Fortunately for you, you’ll discover exactly how to do those 3 things in the world-class Sexual Mastery program.

Reason #5: It Deals with The Mental and Physical Side of Sex

For women, sex is at least 80% mental.

Want proof?

Here it is…

It’s possible to give women ORGASMS using nothing but your voice. Using nothing but dirty talk. On my mother’s life – that’s the God’s honest truth!

Yet most lame sex advice focuses on, yeahyou guessed it… a thousand ways to lick, prod, poke and rub the clitoris.

It focuses only on the PHYSICAL side of sex.

If you focus purely on the physical side of sex you’re destined to be another average douche in the bedroom.

And that’d be a shame.

See, the thing that ‘separates the men from the boys’ in bed is knowing that sex is at least 80% MENTAL for a woman. And then stimulating her mind in the bedroom every time.

Do that and she can achieve quite literally ENDLESS sexual pleasure.

7, 10, 20 orgasms in a session.

As many as you like.

All you have to do is use the techniques you’re gonna discover in Sexual Mastery ;)

Reason #6: It Comes with a Rock-Solid Money-Back Guarantee

The internet’s full of hucksters.

They’ll take your money and RUN.

You’d have more luck getting blood out of a stone than getting a reply to an email!

They don’t give a rat’s ass about you – they just want their next BMW, Rolex or fancy house in the country.

And if that means selling sh*t to you – they’ll do it.

Heck, some of these schmucks would steal your child’s Christmas presents if they could.

However, investing in Sexual Mastery is a different experience altogether. Got a question – email me at and I’ll reply asap.

Want a refund?

That’ll be a shame and I’ll be upset that you weren’t happy because I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program – but nevertheless I’ll refund you in full. Promptly and courteously.

Reason #7: It’s Not ‘Scientifically Proven’ and We’re Proud of This FACT

OK. Here’s the biggie…

Back in the 1960’s this Doctor called Kinsey did a bunch of sexual research in ‘laboratory type settings.’

He came to many faulty, completely PATHETIC conclusions – including the MYTH that men were 6 times more sexual than women.

When you use the techniques in Sexual Mastery to give your woman 15 orgasms in 15 minutes – or 5, 6, 8 or 10 multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse – you’ll see that the truth is that women are way more sexual than men!

A woman’s capacity to experience SEXUAL PLEASURE is virtually UNLIMITED.

She just needs the right man to help her get there.

Sexual Mastery will help you to be the right man!

If anyone ever asks the co-creator of Sexual Mastery  - my buddy Adam Armstrong – about his ‘qualifications and credentials’ – he always LAUGHS.

Then simply replies:

“I have a PHD in results. Just ask my girlfriend”

See, our sexual techniques have been honed and perfected in the only way possible…

In the real world, with real women.

A LOT of women.

You can’t learn this stuff by putting on a white coat, holding a clipboard and wearing a stethoscope around your neck!

Is The ‘Sexual Mastery’ Program Right For You?

If you already know how to give any woman multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse every single time – you might not need the Sexual Mastery program.

If you’re 100% certain of your abilities to give ANY woman the kind of mind-blowing sex that’ll make her completely addicted to you – you might not need this.

If you already know, for sure, that women brag to their girlfriends about what a STUD you are in bed – you might not need this.

However, if you desire to master any one of the following sexual techniques – you should strongly consider investing in Sexual Mastery.


If you’d like to master MORE THAN ONE of the following sexual techniques – techniques most men will never know… techniques that make women addicted to you – you should invest in Sexual Mastery IMMEDIATELY:

The ability to give any woman multiple orgasms during intercourse every time
Total confidence in the bedroom, including rock-solid confidence about your ‘size’
An erection that’s always easily achievable, hard-as-steel and long-lasting
Dirty talk skills that drive women crazy every time you open your mouth
Enough creativity to make the sex interesting forever, even if you stay with a woman for YEARS
Mastery of the very best ‘foreplay techniques’ – so you can give her foreplay that has her BEGGING you for more

Be honest with me – do you want to master ONE or more of the techniques above?

If you’re nodding your head and saying “YES” – I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the most LOGICAL and INTELLIGENT thing for you to do right now would be to invest in the Sexual Mastery program.

Let’s Talk About The Money…

Right here, right now, today – you can get the Sexual Mastery program at a very
special discounted price.

It’s a one-time-only offer.

You won’t see this page twice.

What you’re going to learn in the Sexual Mastery program is PRICELESS.

Literally priceless.

After all, what monetary price can you put on having total power over your erection – and the ability to blow any woman’s mind in bed and make her completely addicted to you?

It’s a tough call, huh?

What you should probably know is this:

The co-creator of the Sexual Mastery program – world-renowned sex coach Adam Armstrong – regularly has men pay him HUNDREDS of dollars an hour. To teach them the exact same techniques you’re going to learn in the Sexual Mastery program.

So how much do you think we’re gonna charge you for it?

1000 bucks?

500 bucks?

300 bucks?

None of the above.

We want to help as many guys as possible to become LETHAL in bed. So we’re pricing this extremely competitively – to avoid ‘pricing anyone out.’

For that reason, you’ll pay just $147 when you invest in the Sexual Mastery program today.

147 bucks to discover how to:

Give women multiple orgasms during intercourse every time
Perfect the secret art of DIRTY TALK
Become the dominant lover she craves in bed
Get ROCK-HARD erections that last 20, 30 minutes or more
Give her world-class foreplay

Less than a 150 bucks for all that!

Holy hell.

We must be mad.

I suggest you take advantage while you can. Before we come to our senses and DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE the price!

When You Invest In The Sexual Mastery Program Today – You’ll Also Get 5 Amazing Bonuses for FREE…

Here are the details…

Free Bonus #1:
7 Secrets for Hard, Long-Lasting Erections

The #1 thing you HAVE TO be able to do if you want to give women incredible sex and make them addicted to you is this…

Get a rock-hard erection and maintain it for 30 minutes or more.

Do that – and you’ll impress a woman.

FAIL to do that – and she’s looking elsewhere.


You better believe it my friend – women HATE having to deal with men who suffer from ‘sexual performance issues.’

And most women simply won’t put up with it. Cuz it’s just too frustrating, cringey and annoying for them to have to deal with.

So here’s the deal…

In this powerful video bonus – you’re gonna discover 7 little-known, yet incredibly effective ways to:

- Get rock-hard (so hard its uncomfortable!)

- Last 20, 30 minutes or more (so you won’t have to worry about premature ejaculation, ever)

- Get an erection anytime you like (so you can be ‘ready for action’ whenever you like)

And “NO” – your Doctor won’t share ANY of this information with you (because he likely doesn’t know it. And because ‘Big Pharma’ influence him to sell you dangerous PILLS instead of simple, proven, natural solutions).

Free Bonus #2:
Make Her Blow You

Would you like to know how to get ANY woman you desire to:

- Give you head whenever you want it…

- Do it with real passion and enthusiasm…

- Do it EXACTLY the way you want her to do it…

Well, guess what?

That’s exactly what you’re gonna learn how to do in this exciting video bonus.

You’re gonna learn the secrets to getting women to willingly and eagerly drop to their knees and give you incredible pleasure with the hand and mouths!

Happy days.

No more ASKING for a blow job…

No more ‘buying gifts and doing stuff’ in exchange for head…

No more feeling frustrated cuz you’re not getting ‘sucked off’ on a regular basis…

All the secrets are in this video… the secrets to getting porn star quality blow jobs WHENEVER YOU LIKE ;)

Free Bonus #3:
How To Give Women Orgasms During Intercourse

Intercourse orgasms are the ‘Sexual Holy Grail’ for women.

I don’t care how good you are at sucking pussy…

If you don’t get the INTERCOURSE orgasms working for a woman – she’ll always want more.

More than you’re giving her…

FACT: You’ll never fully satisfy her until you get those orgasms during intercourse working.

Want proof?

Consider this…

In 2009 I did a survey of 100 women. Old, young, married, single, housewives, party girls, professionals – a varied bunch.

One of the questions I asked was:

“Have you ever cheated on a man?”

55% admitted that they had.

I asked the women who had CHEATED the following question:

“Did the man you cheated on give you intercourse orgasms?”

They ALL said “NO”

Of the remaining women (the ones who hadn’t cheated) – nearly HALF said they experienced regular intercourse orgasms during sex.


We’re told ‘it’s all about licking and rubbing the clit.’

But that’s nothing but a steaming pile of Bullshit my friend.

Intercourse orgasms are the most important thing to a woman in the bedroom. The thing that’ll make women ADDICTED to you.

In this bonus you’ll discover exactly how to make ‘em happen – even if you’re SMALL ‘downstairs’ and sexually inexperienced.

Free Bonus #4:
Anal Action

In this outrageous video bonus you’re going to find out the little-known secrets to making women BEG YOU for anal sex.

No joke…

You’re going to discover how to actually make women WANT anal sex.

Heck, the techniques are so powerful that if you apply them as suggested – you might actually end up with women DEMANDING anal sex from you!

Imagine that

Some fit young 20-something, kneeling on all fours, tight ass in the air, looking seductively over her shoulder and saying:

“Please Sir – take me in the ass! I need it now!”

You might think this sounds like horseshit.

But it’s not.

It’s entirely possible.

Watch the bonus, find out how it’s done – and go make it happen.

And remember…

Women LOVE anal sex when it’s done right. This video shows you exactly how to do it right.

Free Bonus #5:
The Ultimate Guide To Getting Threesomes with Beautiful Women

Here’s a secret about women most men will never know…

Scientific research has proven that at least 83% of women have a bi-sexual side…

Meaning MOST women would like to experiment – sexually – with other women.

Problem is…

If you just ask your woman if she’ll have a threesome with you and another girl – she’ll almost certainly say “NO” (and you’ll likely OFFEND her).


If you talk to her about threesome AT THE RIGHT TIME – and IN THE RIGHT WAY – she’ll actually beg you to make it happen.

Most guys have no idea WHEN to talk to women about threesomes, or how to do it.

And I promise you this…

The right time to talk to your woman about inviting another woman into your bed isn’t when you think it is. And what you must say to her to get her to want a threesome isn’t what you think.


The good news is that in this awesome video bonus you’ll discover precisely WHAT to say and WHEN to say it – to make your woman desperate to have a threesome with you and another beautiful woman.

Sweet ;)

 Complete Satisfaction or Your Money-Back…


To make trying the Sexual Mastery a total ‘no-brainer’ for you – you get a
60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

This makes the purchase completely RISK-FREE.

Try the program out for 60 days – and if you’re not 100% satisfied just ask for your money back.

And I’ll refund you in full.

Every cent.

No questions asked.

I really can’t be any fairer than that.

Try Sexual Mastery for 60 days.

If you’re not satisfied, for any reason – simply ask for a refund. And that’s what you’ll get.

Simple. Risk-free. Fair.

Your Destiny Awaits You:
Another Lame ‘Pick Up Artist’ Who Sucks In Bed –
or The True STUD Every Woman Secretly Craves?


One thing I strongly dislike about the ‘pick-up artist’ community is that many of those guys simply wanna get laid by as many women as possible

But they don’t give a damn about the woman’s PLEASURE.

These ‘pick-up artists’ learn a bunch of ‘routines’ and ‘tricks’ – ways to manipulate women into bed.

Then many of them proceed to give those women truly PATHETIC sex.

They ‘blow their loads’ before she’s even cum close to having a single orgasm.


You don’t wanna be that guy do you?

Great at getting women to the bedroom – but a total AMATEUR when things get sexual.

You know what SUCKS about that approach?

Let me tell you…

If, one day, you happen to find a girl you really like – a girl who you might wanna have a relationship with – you’ll have NO CHANCE!


Because your lame love-making skills will turn her off something rotten.

So by all means – master the ‘online dating thing,’ become awesome at getting numbers, dates and taking women to bed for the 1st time.

But for fucks sake – learn the most important skill of all…

Learn how to give women mind-blowing sex.

When you can give women mind-blowing sex – they end up addicted to you. And that gives you all the power.

It gives you all the choice.

If you want 3 or 4 long-term girlfriends all at once – your can do that. And the women will accept it because they know you, and only you, can totally SATISFY them.

If you find ‘the one’ – and wanna keep her all to yourself, you can do that too.

Because, the honest truth is that when a woman finds a guy who really ‘gets it’ in the bedroom – she doesn’t wanna let him go (even if he’s not perfect outside the bedroom. Even if he’s not good looking, tall or rich).

So it’s your call.

But I know where the smart money is.

The smart money gets invested in the Sexual Mastery Program for the crazy-reasonable low price of just $147 and helps you learn how to become a God in the bedroom.

Something you can’t really put a price on!

Click the “Order Now” button below to get your copy of Sexual Mastery.

If you don’t – you’ll regret it…


YES TROY! Rush Me a Copy of Your
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I Understand I'll Receive:
The ultimate guide to becoming the sexually dominant, orgasm-giving BADASS every woman wants in bed.
5 Video Tutorials + Audio MP3
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How to get rock-hard erections
How to give women multiple orgasms
How to become the dominant lover every woman craves


Sexual Power to you!

Talk soon…

Your friend,

Dating Coach
Creator of Online Dating Mastery

P.S. The most powerful skill-set you can ever learn as a man is how to give women incredible sexual pleasure.


Because nothing else gives you the same rock-solid confidence as knowing, for certain, that you can blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom.

Honestly, when you’re DYNAMITE in bed, picking up women becomes a whole lot easier. Because women have a secret 6th sense – a ‘6th sense’ that tells them a lot about what kind of a man you’re gonna be when it comes to sex.

Make no mistake – women love sex.

And they’ll only accept GREAT SEX.

So when you give off this aura that ‘you know what you’re doing in bed’ – getting women to bed for the 1st time becomes a ‘piece of cake.’

The Sexual Mastery program will teach you how to give women great sex and mind-blowing sexual pleasure. The techniques are all tried-and-tested and proven to work – even if you’re ‘small down there.’

Being great in bed gives you choice and ALL the POWER.

If you blow a woman’s mind in the bedroom – she’ll end up addicted to you. Period.

At that point, you can make her your long-term girlfriend, or one of several long-term lovers.

If you’re crap in bed – she won’t return your calls after ‘the first time.’

It’s as simple as that.

Most men suck in bed. Real men produce ‘the goods’ and give women virtually UNLIMITED sexual pleasure.

P.P.S. Great News!

Not only is the Sexual Mastery program a total bargain at just $147 for the program created by myself and my friend Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong…

It’s also covered by a 60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. Making your purchase complete and utterly RISK-FREE.

You’d be silly not to give it a try!

Will the Sexual Mastery program help you to get a rock-hard erection that lasts at least 20 or 30 minutes every time?


Will it arm you with a set of proven techniques for giving women mind-blowing pleasure – including MULTIPLE vaginal orgasms every time?


Is it great value?


Is the eBook free from ‘fluff n filler?’


Are the techniques near as dammit ‘fool-proof’ and easy to use on any woman?

Hell Yeah!

So what are you waiting for?

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What People Are Saying About
 The Sexual Mastery Program:

"Gave Her More Orgasms In a Night Than In
The Previous 3 Months Combined!"


"Holy crap man.

The only bad thing I can say about the Sexual Mastery program is I wish I’d known this stuff 20 years ago.

Still, I’m pretty damn pleased to have learned it at 38 years of age. Just last night I took my girlfriend to bed and gave her more orgasms in a night than I’d previously given her in 3 months.

How did I do it?

Simply by using the fingering techniques in Sexual Mastery. Truly powerful stuff."

Eric Ho, Harrogate, England

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"The most interesting thing about using the tips and techniques from the Sexual Mastery program isn’t the way they’ve enabled me to give my girlfriend MULTIPLE orgasms every time, or the way those orgasms seem to have sent her libido through the roof.

No, the most interesting thing is the fact that she’s now willing to do whatever I like in the bedroom. 3 nights ago we had a threesome with a stripper! And my girlfriend loved every second of it.

If you want to enjoy a mind-blowingly good sex-life - read Sexual Mastery now.

Rhys Allen, Yorkshire, England

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"After 25 years of marriage (and being 100% faithful) you kinda thing you’ve done it all sexually.

But how wrong can you be? I read Sexual Mastery with an open mind and within the next 10 days I’d shared more exciting sexual experiences with my wife than we’d shared in the past 10 years.

The advice on how to give women orgasms, how to be dominant and how to talk dirty is completely priceless."

Elliott Marsham, Southampton, England

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"Many ‘Pick-Up Artists’ are lousy in bed.

They just wanna get laid and don’t care about whether or not the woman really enjoys it. But, as I learned in Sexual Mastery - if you make the sex REALLY GOOD for the woman, she’ll keep coming back for more.

It basically lets you turn a never-ending stream of 1-night-stands into several long-term relationships because the women can’t get enough of you.

Right now I’m dating 3 women - and they’re all addicted to the sex. And make no mistake - they’re addicted to the sex because I’ve applied what I’ve learned in Sexual Mastery"

Paul Monaghan, Scotland

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"In the past month I’ve slept with 5 women, gave all of them multiple orgasms, taught 2 of them how to squirt - and, to be honest... had the filthiest, nastiest, downright dirtiest and most enjoyable sex of my life.

All because I read Sexual Mastery and used the simple, yet hugely powerful techniques. Highly recommend if you wanna be really good in bed. 10/10"

Darren Sudds, Bolton, England

FAQ’s About The Sexual Mastery Program from Dating Expert Troy Valance and The World’s Greatest Sex Coach - Adam Armstrong:

Question: Troy, why have you created this program with Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong?

The clue’s in his name…

MASTER Sex Coach.


Adam's a close friend of mine.

And when it comes to sex – what he doesn’t know about the subject ain’t worth knowing. He’s ‘the man’ when it comes to giving women unbelievable sexual pleasure.

He also knows more about getting rock-hard and staying rock-hard for at least 20 to 30 minutes every time than just about any other ‘expert’ I’ve ever met.

That’s a pretty lethal combination:

- Giving her MASSIVE pleasure.

- Getting rock-hard easily and lasting all night.

In the Sexual Mastery program you’ll discover how to quickly and easily MASTER both skills.

Question: I’m not very well endowed. Can I still give a woman good sex?


The ‘size thing’ is a myth.

Consider porn for a second.

Very often you see guys with crazy-big dicks – but the girls still aren’t having much fun! They aren’t having ORGASMS.

So clearly, more size isn’t what’s necessary.

Giving women mind-blowing pleasure is about being dominant, talking dirty and giving her multiple vaginal orgasms every time.

And you can do those 3 things regardless of your size.

Of course, Sexual Mastery is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for learning how to become outstanding at dominance, dirty talk and giving women orgasms (3 things most guys know close to NOTHING about)

Question: What if I don’t like the program?

You get your money-back.

Seriously though - I’m not kidding around when I say that:

If you like women, it’s highly unlikely that you’re not gonna like the Sexual Mastery program!

I mean, what’s not to like about proven techniques that’ll improve your erection quality and enable you to give even the most beautiful women mind-blowing sex?

It’s every dudes DREAM.

That said, of course you are backed by a 60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

So your investment is totally RISK-FREE.

That thought in mind, it makes sense to click the “Order Now” button below and grab your copy of the Sexual Mastery program for just $147.

Before we QUADRUPLE the price.

Heck, we might even stick two zero’s on the end.

Because honestly, we’ve had guys say they’d pay us $10,000 for the info in this product. It’s powerful stuff my friend.

Very powerful stuff.

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